Discover the wonders of the Inca Trail

Discover the wonders of the Inca Trail

Cusco is one of the most visited places in Peru and now present to you the warm Quillabamba City, Santa Teresa district in the province of La Convention (Cusco) being specific, whose district recently celebrated 57 years of political creation, and did full of joy, color, music, dance and tasting own products born at ground.

It is very true that it is never too late to travel and this being a district with a warm climate throughout the year and enjoy your cozy stay. There are so many reasons to do so and we will count them some thanks to dialogue with the head of the Unit of Tourism, José Humberto Deza Iturri.

The Pueblo of Santa Teresa is located 1,811 meters above sea level, on the right bank of the Urubamba River. It has a warm climate, full of sun and dense vegetation in their places

Routes to reach: One route to reach this place is take the Ollantaytambo train station, go through Machu Picchu to reach the hydroelectric Santa Teresa, the tour is done in an average of three hours.

Some choose to travel by road from Ollantaytambo, passing Abra Malaga Reserve, located above 4000 meters high, around the snowy Urubamba, arrive at their destination in about five hours.

Tourist Routes

Jorge Deza sent our guide tells us that to date the district municipality promotes the Santa Teresa hard-Choquequirao route, Yamana sector. Do not forget that from this place can also go to Machu Picchu hydro.

Another circuit area is part of the experiential tourism through the Ruta del Café, experiential tourism is one of the ways that now thrives in the city of Cusco, where visitors will not only witness but part of coffee processing; from his pickup, sorting, roasting and grinding grain, crowning experience with a delicious tasting rate of energy product. We suggest that the most enthusiastic packages take home to share with family

Another route featuring Santa Teresa is Inca Jungle-Santa Maria-Cocalmayo Machu Picchu with a duration of six hours; this being one of the most important places in the district and place visited by all tourists, warm thermal waters.

You can also visit Santa Teresa Ruta del Nevado Salkantay and its chain of mountains that rise dramatically in the sight of domestic and foreign tourists. Here you can see the Humantay, the Pumasillo and others.

You want to continue to discover, you can choose to go to the archaeological site of Llactapata and if you want to relax, go to the hot springs of Cocalmayo, whose crystal and medicinal waters refresh your body. When you leave you can go to the various restaurants to taste typical dishes and now sets a new component, the native potato. You can also consume fresh fruits, such as pineapple, passion fruit, yellow bananas harvested in the fields.

Visit Santa Teresa and then share the experience simply because it will be unforgettable.

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Last update: Sep, 30 2019

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