Our Locations

Our Locations

Nestled in the heart of the cloud forest, our eco-lodge is just 6 hours by road from Cusco. Our unique location,between the Kcosñipata and San Pedro Rivers, boasts magnificent view and affords us the opportunity to offer guests a large variety of special programs in and around this beautiful zone.

At  KM 181,6 road  Cusco Paucartambo - Pillcopata

District of Kcosñipata

Province of Paucartambo

Sector San Pedro  bridge 100 m down the road.

Department of Cusco

Altitude: 1484 m / 4,867 f about sea level

Access: Only by road

GPS location:13 05 32

                       71 54 65

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Last update: Jul, 21 2015

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